Bronze Age 279pxThis project is investigating the agricultural practices of the Aegean and Crete of the Bronze Age. Using archaeobotanical material as proxy, the project is focusing on the farming practices and the production of food practiced in various sites of the Aegean in the beginning of the Bronze Age and tries to illuminate their role in the creation of the complex societies.

The data from the Early Bronze Age sites will be compared with the information from later sites of the Middle and Late Bronze Age in an attempt to evaluate how agriculture and different farming regimes influenced the economy and social structure of the urban centers of the 2nd millennium.

For the completion of the project archaeobotanical research has been undertaken at the sites of Daskalio at Keros, Thermi, Vathy, Mesorachi, Knossos, Mycenae, Midea, Mochlos, Gournia and Papadiokambos.

Relevant dissemination 

  • Invited lecture at University of South Carolina at Chapel Hill, October 2019
  • Paper presentation at the 18th International Work Group for Palaethnobotany held at Lecce, Italy, 3-8 June 2019