Keros201pxThis project is designed to interrogate the processes that unfolded at Keros over its 450 year history in order to understand its unique position. This project focuses on three strands of evidence.

First is the organic evidence from the site, which can be examined in relation to intensification and diversification in the subsistence base, and in terms of how this site imported its food at a time when all other sites operated at a self-sustaining level.

Second is the evidence for metal working: smelting (primary production of metals from ore), casting (remelting of metals to make objects) and the working of finished objects. It is remarkable that ores were brought from other islands to Keros for smelting, and it is now clear that an important base for metalworking in the Cyclades operated from Keros.

Third is the evidence for architectural aggrandisement. The building programme initiated on Keros was unprecedented for its time, and not outmatched until the later palaces of Crete.

The result will be the first comprehensive, multi-disciplinary investigation of incipient urbanism in the Aegean, with implications on a worldwide level

Relevant dissemination

  • Invited Lecture at the National Observatory of Athens Seminar Series, 25th of June 2019
  • Invited Lecture at the Aegean Colloquium Series at NYC, October 2019